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The Niagara region saw its first Muslim inhabitants in the late 1950s. By the mid 1960s, an informal community had began to form where a small number of individuals would gather at each other’s homes for congregational daily and Friday prayers and partake in Ramadan meals together. Individuals such as Dr. Fuad Sahin and the late Mr. Hassan Karachi served as community leaders and would often hold events in their homes.

The first major step for the Niagara Muslim community came when a plot of land was purchased in Niagara Falls on Lions Creek Road. This building, although modest, served the needs of the growing Muslim community at that time. From there, the Masjid expanded its capabilities by adding a weekend Islamic school and subsidizing an Imam from the prestigious Al-Azhar University to lead religious observances. In 1992, with the help of the Canadian government, the Niagara Falls masjid was expanded to include a lecture hall / gym and classrooms. In 1998, a full-time school sanctioned under the Ontario teaching curriculum was established and functions until this day with licensed teachers and a growing student body.

Our community is continually growing and we look forward to having you join us.

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6768 Lyons Creek Road Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6S6

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